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Many Germans are frightened by artificial intelligence (AI). As a representative study by the opinion research institute YouGov from August 2018 shows, only 15% of Germans believe that the potential benefits of AI systems outweigh the risks. Almost half of respondents see benefits and risks as being equal, and one in four rates the risks as being higher. Germans clearly reject AI wherever justice plays a role.

Three out of four respondents reject the use of AI in job interviews and the subsequent selection of applicants. Almost as many do not want artificial intelligence to control weapon systems in armed conflicts. And 52% of all respondents reject even the AI-controlled autonomous car, which has been the object of discussion for years.

The study did not survey the attitude of the Germans to AI in production plants. The Central Association of the Electronics Industry recently published a position paper that explicitly refers to a "human-centered" artificial intelligence in industry. It contains ten recommendations for action to promote the use of such technologies in Europe.