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Green hydrogen makes it possible to transform the largest greenhouse gas emitters in a climate-friendly manner and at the same time to strengthen Germany as a technology location. The most important application area is industry. Green hydrogen can act as an alternative fuel and, together with CO2 as a building block of polymers, can help to replace the chemical industry's fossil raw material base. Green hydrogen can be converted into electricity and heat thanks to fuel cells and thus help to balance fluctuations in the power grid as well as heat and supply houses with electricity.

Green hydrogen can also be used as a fuel in transport - especially where electrification is not practical or possible. Anyone interested in learning more about the use of hydrogen should visit the Hydrogen & Fuel Cells exhibition area at HANNOVER MESSE 2021. At Europe's largest hydrogen and fuel cell event, more than 200 exhibitors will present solutions for storing regenerative energy and mobile and stationary fuel cell applications.