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In their research for the study “ Electromobility strategies of automotive manufacturers ,” the Automotive Suppliers’ Network of Saxony (Automobilzuliefernetzwerk Sachsen – AMZ and the Chemnitz Automotive Institute (CATI) investigated the strategies of VW, Audi, Porsche, Daimler, BMW, Opel and Ford. This encompasses planned models and lot sizes, factory locations, and technological trends. Based on this data, the study predicts that around 1.6 million electric vehicles will be manufactured in Germany in 2025. If the current level of domestic production of around 5.6 million cars per year remains the same, the proportion of electric cars will rise from the current figure of under 5% to just below 30%.

Suppliers, the study goes on to state, can reckon with a tangible shift in value creation from conventional to electrical motors as of this point in time. “This study furnishes readers with hitherto unavailable facts on what vehicle manufacturers are currently planning to do,” comments AMZ manager Dirk Vogel. Suppliers may be able to deduce potential effects on vehicle and electronics architectures, favored technologies, vehicle production processes, procurement strategies and materials provision.