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Ahrensburg-based fire protection specialists the JOB Group have presented the solution based on their thermally actuated glass bulbs for automatic sprinklers . The Extinguishing Bulb (E-Bulb) will be integrated directly in the relevant device to help protect power supply units, ballast units, and small appliances with a free volume of up to 2.2 l against catching fire; the bulb is a similar size to a fuse. The bulb is filled with a non-toxic, non-conductive Novec extinguishing liquid from 3M . In addition, the surface of the glass boasts an electroconductive coating.

When a defined activation temperature is exceeded at the installation point, the bulb breaks and releases the extinguishing liquid. Since the extinguishing liquid has a low evaporation point, it immediately converts into gas on release, transition-free, which means it leaves behind no residue and causes no short circuits. The electrical current flowing through the fire-extinguishing safety device continues to flow uninterrupted.