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In the 35 years since it was founded, Taiwanese company KTI Networks has established itself as one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of Ethernet products. The innovative network solutions originating from its own hardware and software development department also meet high service and quality demands. KTI’s industrial Ethernet experts are now unveiling a new serial converter in Hannover. The new KSC-361 converts serial interface signals into Fast Ethernet (and vice versa), which enables long-distance serial data link transfer - even over the Internet - and makes the device ideal for industrial automation.

The converter will be available in two models - the KSC-361-S2 with an RS-232 interface and the KSC-361-S4 with an RS-422/485 interface. On the Ethernet side, both models can be connected using either copper or glass fibers. The converter’s Power over Ethernet (PoE) feature provides additional flexibility by enabling the KSC-361 to obtain its power via the copper data cable as a powered device (PD). What's more, the galvanic separation of its interfaces means the KSC-361 can be used in potentially explosive locations such as mines, refineries and gas stations. The scope of supply includes a mount for top hat rail mounting and an optional wall mount is also available.