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Does support sound too vague? No, because there are already real products, assure those responsible. "It's fantastic to see that OPC UA is the only harmonized solution for process and factory automation that grows from the plant floor to the cloud (and back down again). The OPC Foundation's vision to establish OPC UA as the open standard of choice for data interoperability across the automation world started and evolved with controllers and visualization systems, and has now reached IT and the cloud. "This will lead to further growth of the open ecosystem based on OPC UA," promises Stefan Hoppe of the OPC Foundation. The criterion for inclusion in the list of supporters is that the companies either already offer OPC UA over MQTT in their products, or that this implementation is on their development roadmap. Hoppe and his team have won over the major IT companies to OPC UA.

"OPC UA will be our way of integrating machine data into our data analytics and AI capabilities to deliver on the promise of accessible data and easy-to-use AI in factories," said Google's Charlie Sheridan. OPC UA is a gift for AI and ML because it enables interoperability and describes variables as information models.