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The industry is growing again: 2021 was a robotics year and more and more companies are entering the market – including from Asia. Analysts predict growth figures in the mid-single digits for the industry. The drivers are new areas of application in small and medium-sized businesses, logistics and laboratories.

Google parent Alphabet also wants to get back into robotics. Intrinsic is the name of the new company based in Munich and Palo Alto that is recruiting new employees. The goal, according to rumors in the industry, is probably a kind of overarching operating system for robotics that makes it easier for users of different robots to program them and train them to perform new tasks. Those responsible are not revealing any more.

Intrinsic CEO Tan White said in a blog post that the company has been working for the past few years to help robots recognize their environment and continuously learn to optimize themselves to perform tasks even better. Now the company wants to enter the factories with partners. Initial talks with robot manufacturers are already underway, industry sources say. And in a job ad, the Americans hide another, no less significant goal: “Invent our robotics platform from scratch.” They know a thing or two about platforms in Silicon Valley.