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OMRON has equipped its new-generation TM robots with a range of image processing functions together with simple, intuitive programming designed to make collaboration with robots safer, more flexible and more interactive than ever before. As constantly fluctuating consumer trends are leading to shorter and shorter product lifecycles, OMRON has recognized that manufacturing companies will need to install production lines that can cope with frequent product changeovers. The Japanese group points out that the growing shortage in specialist workers is a major factor in production companies moving toward automating simple, monotonous processes so as to free up employees for more creative tasks.

OMRON has developed the new TM series so that companies can integrate robots into the production sequence to take care of tasks such as assembly, placement and inspecting. For the market launch of the TM series, Omron has designed a mobile-compatible model that can be seamlessly combined with the leading mobile robots in the LD series. This enables manufacturers to automate complex processes such as placement on transport containers and link together their production processes with the aid of mobile robots. OMRON will be supplying twelve new TM-series robots with arm lengths ranging from 700 to 1,300 millimeters for moving loads weighing anything between four and 14 kilograms. The launch of the TM-series collaborative robots is a further addition to OMRON's "innovative automation" concept, which is based on its vision of a future manufacturing industry in which humans and machines work in harmony.

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