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Anyone who works in industrial production knows how challenging it is to still stay one step ahead in product development in the face of constantly changing customer requirements. The team at Q.ANT is also constantly working to develop new products derived from its Quantum Photonic Applications Framework. This framework comprises three areas in which the Stuttgart-based company's expertise and core competence are concentrated: In the first step, they generate photons from electrons. To do this, they use solid-state laser diodes and low-noise laser drivers. In the second step, the photons interact with the environment, for which Q.ANT provides specially developed optical elements. Finally, the photons are converted back into electrons using photodetectors, low-noise amplifiers, fast signal processing and analog-to-digital conversion.

Revolutionizing perception, thinking and analysis.

With this expertise in quantum technology, the Stuttgart-based startup aims to do nothing less than revolutionize how machines analyze their environment, how people perceive information and how people think. And with its Early Technology Access Program, or ETAP, Q.ANT will now give its participants access to yet unreleased products so they can evaluate them for their use case today and stay ahead of the curve already described above.

The full program

ETAP participants will be able to rent the hardware for a period of time they define, with an additional performance package designed to guarantee full availability. Training and guidance from Q.ANT experts is also designed to provide support in being able to classify the technology and its potential in the context of the participant's specific use case - hassle-free, on-demand and with full cost control. Specifically, the Q.ANT ETA Program includes a free online evaluation of a specific use case, a free initial analysis of samples in the Q.ANT Application Lab including report, and hardware with necessary accessories on a monthly rental basis (minimum 3 months). The Performance Package includes spare parts, on-site replacement if required, and recalibration by Q.ANT technicians. In addition, there is a one-day training for the ETAP participant's evaluation team as well as a one-day introduction, support and guidance of his team by Q.ANT experts. Free 1st- and 2nd-level telephone support during the evaluation period during normal office hours will round off the offer from the Stuttgart-based company.

Towards the end of the evaluation, the Q.ANT team will be happy to support ETAP participants in preparing a report with its quantum technology know-how and experience from an extensive range of solved use cases.