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Lower Saxony is certainly no stranger to innovative prowess and cutting-edge business ideas, as its globally renowned trade fairs clearly reflect - and where the region's companies in the field of robotics also recently stood out proud. One prime example is the local startup Yuanda Robotics, which seized the home advantage at HANNOVER MESSE 2018 to showcase a whole range of robots for performing various load-carrying tasks. Powered by specially developed servo motors from KOLLMORGEN’s KBM range, these robots are primarily designed to assist with tasks in continuous production - which raises the question of how the waste heat given off by drive technology can be diffused most efficiently.

This is where KOLLMORGEN’s KBM servo motors come into play, as their frameless structure enables heat to dissipate simply by convection across the robot's joints. Their excellent thermal properties ensure that these KBM motors can reach peak performance without derating. "The high power and performance density helped convince us to go for these motors," explains Matthias Dagen, a co-founder of Yuanda Robotics. Small motors with a high output are required to make the robotic arms and joints as compact as possible. "The thinner and lighter the design, the heavier the loads that the robot will later be able to carry," explains Dagen. Overall, this improves inertia behavior and the ratio between the robot's own weight and the weight it can carry.