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Until now, those enthusiastic robot helpers darting around with endless energy have been limited to science fiction and comic books. The millions of existing hardworking “universally usable automatic handling devices” (as defined by VDI guideline 2860) are either bound to a workstation, or move in clearly defined areas that must generally be equipped with the appropriate infrastructure. Now Mobile Industrial Robots from Denmark is presenting an exciting new development that could soon truly lead to the scenario described in the opening sentence. The MiR100 is being introduced for the first time at HANNOVER MESSE 2014.

The MiR100 was specially developed to work in environments containing people and moving obstacles. A navigation system comprising two integrated scanners and a 3D camera takes detailed note of the environment, so that the MiR100 can maneuver independently around obstacles to reach its programmed goals. No need for structural building changes, wires under the floor or sensors in the ceiling. The MiR100 is controlled and monitored using a simple operator interface, which can be accessed via computer as well as smartphone or tablet. The MiR100 is designed above all for transport tasks, where it should help increase efficiency.

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