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The innovative features of the new servo-electric gripping module from Weiss Robotics are a response to the ever-increasing demands in collaborative robotics. In addition to flexing its muscles with a 200 N gripping force, the versatile CRG 200 also has an impressive stroke of 85 millimeters, which makes it suitable for a wide range of tasks. Parameterization, control and diagnostic functions all take place via the industry-standard IO-Link on the CRG 200, which means the status of the gripping process can be permanently monitored and adjustments made on the fly if necessary.

What's more, the CRG 200's responsive gripping part detection removes the need for external sensors and enables flexible parameterization via the IO-Link. Workpiece monitoring is included as standard, which ensures reliable handling throughout the process by immediately alerting the control system if the unit unexpectedly loses its grip on a workpiece. The CRG 200 is also looking to score points over the competition with its gripping force. Rather than simply limiting the motor current to adjust this force as is usual in the sector, it features model-based, sensorless gripping force control that is precise and unaffected by external influences. This makes it easy to grip even brittle, fragile and pliable parts. Last but not least, the CRG 200 comes equipped with an ingenious gripping force retention function that prevents the unit from losing its grip on workpieces in the event of a power cut by permanently maintaining the last gripping force set and enabling the process to continue as soon as the power is switched on again.