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BAM’s 12-km2 test site for technical safety (BAM TTS) is located in Horstwalde, Brandenburg, 50 km south of Berlin. As a designated flight restriction area, the site offers a host of possibilities for civil drone tests: So as not to pose a risk to air traffic, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in Germany are only permitted to climb up to a height of 100 m and may not leave the pilot’s field of vision on the ground. On the BAM TTS, these restrictions can, however, be deviated from.

Over the next few years, an area is to be created at the site on which numerous safety-relevant scenarios can be simulated, such as a gas leakage from a defective pipeline, a fire on a hazardous goods transporter, or the monitoring of power plants, landfills, and bridges from the air. BAM itself plans to test smart sensors on the drones in Horstwalde. Commercial developers of drones and sensor systems will also have the opportunity to test and inspect their innovations. In a pilot project in Horstwalde, a weather drone is soon to ascend up to 1 km to regularly collect meteorological data.