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"Citius, altius, fortius" - if the motto of the Olympic Games, coined by French Dominican preacher Henri Didon, were applied to the digital world of Industry 4.0, it might be phrased as "more speed, more efficiency, more precision". This principle can, of course, be approached in a completely different way. Munich-based attocube systems AG, for example, which has been a fully owned subsidiary of the WITTENSTEIN Group for a number of years, has adopted the motto "The revolution for high performance engineering: Measurement becomes nanoprecise" for its trade fair presentation at HANNOVER MESSE this year. A claim that is fully justified by the premiere of its industry-ready, sub-nanometer-resolution IDS3010 sensor.

The remarkably compact and highly dynamic IDS3010 is a contactless, interferometric sensor for high-performance mechanical engineering. The IDS3010 easily outperforms existing sensor technologies of this kind in terms of precision, speed and suitability for industrial use. With a measurement bandwidth of 10 MHz, it can simultaneously track objects in up to three axes at a speed of two meters per second. It achieves a position resolution of one picometer with working distances of up to five meters. This innovative sensor can be used for applications such as calibration of machine tools and coordinate measuring machines, vibration measurement of production facilities, high-precision in-line process control and adjustment technology, concentricity measurement for engine shafts, crankshafts and camshafts, and ultra-precision pick-and-place robotics applications, for example in the semiconductor industry.