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During a keynote presentation at the HANNOVER MESSE Digital Days Huawei announced the launch of its four-unit-height Compact 5G Core Network for Enterprise virtual event.

Existing 5G core networks are based around eight-unit or twelve-unit cores, which can be impractically large for many use cases. A four-unit core promises a breakthrough for many factories in their transition to Industry 4.0.

Using a ‘small and smart’ technology model, Huawei’s industry-first Compact 5G Core Network offers maximum network capacity, supporting AMF, SMF, UPF, UDM, PCF and AUSF integration, 30,000 subscribers and 15Gbps throughput.

Not only is the core compact, it is also easy to install and configure, can reduce costs through low power consumption, and offers simple, stress-free O&M through remote access.

Aiming to broaden the range of use cases for advanced 5G networks, the Compact 5G Core forms the next step in Huawei’s mission to offer global connectivity and accelerate the digital transformation of factories, warehouses and distribution centers. The core will be available later this month.