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Global trade will enable Europe to reduce the cost of power fuels by up to 30 percent. They will help save 140 gigatons of CO2 equivalent annually worldwide, of which Europe will spare roughly 18.5 gigatons. Power fuels are synthetic, gaseous or liquid fuels and raw materials that are generated with the help of renewable energies.

GP JOULE, which initiated the largest German hydrogen mobility project “eFarm”, is a pioneer in the field of hydrogen production. For more than 10 years, GP JOULE has focused on hydrogen, investing a great deal in the development of technology and business models. For the two founders, Gärtner and Petersen, hydrogen is the ideal link that intelligently connects the generation of wind and solar power with the sectors of mobility, heating and industry, which is exactly what the eFarm reflects. At the eFarm, the value chain begins with the decentralized generation of green electricity from older solar and wind power plants, which on-site electrolysers convert directly into green hydrogen.