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However, we need a clear political decision in favor of hydrogen so that the industry can act accordingly. The speakers presented hydrogen-based solutions from a broad array of sectors: Shell is working on infrastructure solutions for heavy-duty transport and shipping and is building a 100-megawatt electrolysis plant in the Port of Hamburg together with partners. Viessmann presented hydrogen-based solutions for the heating sector. In the building sector in particular, new heating systems can save energy and costs. In electricity-based technologies, Viessmann is investing heavily in the new generation of heat pumps, which operate with sustainable refrigerants that are whisper-quiet and have optimized electricity use. Leonie Behrens from the startup Clean Logistics SE explained the company's business idea: converting existing trucks to emission-free hydrogen propulsion. Clean Logistics thus offers customized solutions for the climate-friendly conversion of entire fleets. Electrically powered and fed by hydrogen using proven fuel cell technology, the converted truck is a lucrative solution for decarbonizing heavy road freight transport in many ways. In addition to trucks, there is already the world's first hydrogen train in Germany, put on the rails by Alstom Transport.