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The transitions between different types of traffic are called traffic networking. A classic example of this is Park and Ride, a system that was introduced long before digitalisation in order to network car-dominated individual transport with local public transport and thus relieve the pressure on city centres. Another example is railway stations built directly on airport grounds. With the advent of digitalisation, the projects became more complex, and ideas emerged to network cars with each other and with their environment, such as traffic lights. This variant of traffic networking is now also called V2X, based on the English "vehicle-to-everything". At HANNOVER MESSE 2023, graduate engineer Markus Brandmaier will soon be presenting a V2X-capable single-space detection system for multi-storey car parks, thus laying the foundation for direct communication between the car park system and V2X-capable vehicles in order to guide these vehicles directly to a free parking space.

On the direct route to the last free space

Especially in highly frequented, usually unclear and winding car parks with numerous parking spaces, there are often unnecessary, time-consuming routes in search of the few remaining free spaces. It is precisely in such cases that the investment in a single-space detection system should be worthwhile. With its help, it is not only possible to see before entering whether and how many parking spaces are still available - after all, this feature has been around for some time - but the single space detection can also guide you directly to these spaces. Some car parks are also proceeding in stages and are equipping their newly installed electric charging bays with the corresponding sensors as a first step.

On the way to Level 5 autonomous parking

In Brandmaier's system, colour codes that can indicate different parking spaces also provide assistance for those looking for a parking space, thus ensuring a speedy parking process and efficient use of space. In this way, even vehicles that do not have a V2X interface can be guided directly to the free parking spaces. And since every car park has a different structure and different requirements, Brandmaier supplies software for configuring all sensors and the associated hardware. Brandmaier also sees the connection of car parks to V2X technology as an important step towards autonomous parking according to Level 5. The corresponding interfaces are already being developed in order to be ready for the introduction.