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Equipped with the necessary curiosity and expertise, the self-proclaimed "Sensor People" from LEUZE have been creating innovations and technological landmarks in industrial automation for almost 60 years now. The high-tech portfolio of the Swabian technology leader includes switching and measuring sensors, identification systems, and solutions for data transmission and image processing. LEUZE also focuses on components, services and solutions in the safety segment. With their developments, LEUZE engineers focus on selected industries, including intralogistics and packaging, machine tools, the automotive industry, and laboratory automation. Accordingly, this year's HANNOVER MESSE is also part of the Swabians' must-attend program, where they will be presenting innovative solutions for industrial image processing, among other things.

The product family presented in Hanover includes devices for barcode and 2D code reading as well as powerful tools for volume control via edge detection or for completeness and presence control via BLOB analysis (Binary Large Objects). Special optics are also required for insights into areas and processes in material processing that are inaccessible to the system operator. The LCAM 408i industrial IP camera from LEUZE is designed to provide these insights. In real time, it checks the individual process steps in the manufacture of products. The LSIS 400i smart camera, which is also new, is used primarily for object detection, position determination or quality assurance in manufacturing processes.