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OMRON's automation experts recently introduced the ultra-rugged V450-H handheld scanner. Designed specifically for reading DPMs (Direct Part Marks) in demanding industrial environments, this device is said to set new standards for durability and performance. Its rugged housing can withstand drops from 2.45 meters and is impervious to numerous industrial fluids and chemicals, including engine oil and brake fluid. The rugged design is said to ensure longevity and reliability.

The V450-H scanner features OMRON's X-Mode decoding algorithms, which enable reliable readability of even damaged, distorted or problematic direct-marked codes at top decoding rates. With the industry's best "out-of-box" performance, no setup is required for most applications, making them much easier to use. But even more complex applications should be able to be configured quickly thanks to the WebLinkPC user interface. The intuitive and user-friendly interface simplifies setup for even the most demanding scanning tasks.

The V450-H is equipped with an IP65 sealed charging cradle and allows seamless data transmission and reception via Bluetooth at a range of up to 100 meters. The wireless scanner also scores with an impressive capacity of more than 50,000 scans per full charge and features an integrated battery indicator for improved operating efficiency. The OMRON V450-H Direct Part Mark Handheld is said to be suitable for wide-ranging applications in various industries, including manufacturing, logistics and automotive.