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Further contents of the Bachelor degree program are aimed at developing electronic circuits, evaluating sensors, and controlling motors. The study program is deliberately broad and takes more than purely technical issues into account, according to the university. Ethical, legal, and social aspects of the subject will also be conveyed. The facility is equipped accordingly. For example, the humanoid robot Myon and the muscle robot ZAR5 are available for teaching and research. The degree course is subject to restricted admission. Applications are possible from April 15th to July 15th.

Successful graduates will be awarded the title Bachelor of Engineering. Their future prospects are quite optimistic. Students will, among other things, be able to do their apprenticeship with potential future employers. Apart from jobs in the core field of study, they will also be invited into companies that are looking for electrical engineers, mechatronic engineers, control engineers and programmers.

In fact, job prospects in robotics are better than ever thanks to advancing automation. It’s not nerds, however, that are in demand. What is needed are people who can recognize new fields of application and move into them quickly. Students of robots will also need interdisciplinary knowledge, patience, and will enjoy experimenting.