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Denmark’s robot industry is booming: in 2018 the total income of Danish robot companies increased by 18% to a good EUR 900 million, while exports increased by 26%. According to Odense Robotics , around 8,500 people are currently working for Danish robotics companies, of which 3,900 are in the Odense cluster on the island of Funen – and this trend is set to increase: according to the analyst Damvad , the Danish robotics industry could be employing 25,000 people by 2025.

Cobots are now the fastest growing segment in industrial automation. Universal Robots (UR) and Mobile Industrial Robots (MIR) have recognized this development and are jointly building a cobot center in Odense covering an area of 32,000 m². “According to ABI Research , by 2030 this market will grow to a total value in excess of EUR 10 billion,” explains UR President Jürgen von Hollen. “Denmark has a significant advantage on the global market for cobots. It therefore makes sense to invest heavily in the construction of the largest cobot center in the world here in Odense,” adds Thomas Visti, CEO of MIR. The development is being supported financially by Teradyne . The US company has so far invested over USD 500 million (around EUR 450 million) in its Danish subsidiaries MIR and UR.