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The firm works with the customer to explore how weight can be saved using innovative plastics technology, in areas that now reach well beyond the automobile industry. High-performance polymers enable weight and operating cost savings in a wide range of industrial sectors. Every application has different requirements, and there are different ways to achieve the defined targets.

That is why Pöppelmann launched K-TECH® Check. Pöppelmann's experts use it to check every request, together with the customer, with regard to materials, design, tools and process. In the end, the right choice of materials is a decisive factor for weight reduction – especially when metal parts are converted to plastic.

“For us as a plastics manufacturer the question is not whether it’s possible, but instead how it can be done.”

Pöppelmann sees huge potential in the use of organic sheets. These can be combined with MuCell® components, for example. With the MuCell® process for foaming thermoplastics, Pöppelmann is able to develop solutions that provide the same functions with reduced weight at controlled cost. The resulting prefabricated intermediate products are made of continuous glass fiber fabric impregnated with polymer, on which thermoplastic functional elements are directly mounted. This results in even lighter weight construction.