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The original business idea is put on the back burner. Everyone sees the quick money in implementation. New designs are launched, there's another link and, of course, everything can be implemented quickly. The hype continues. But there are hardly any industrial users who are prepared to explain what they intend to do with it, how processes will change, how employees will have to be trained and what data will have to be made available.

Julius Bockamp of Schaeffler is an exception. Together with Erik Scepanski from Siemens, he is developing the Industrial Copilot strategy. Bockamp is innovation manager at Schaeffler and is working on the Copilot with the company's special machinery division. Both explain how they train the Copilot with Schaeffler data, why they need user and system prompts, how the tool adapts to the Schaeffler world and what the employees have to learn. And Bockamp sees even more applications: In addition to the engineering department, Copilot should also enrich the production department. But that is only the second step. Siemens and Schaeffler are currently focusing on the engineering process.

The two innovation managers explain how they are doing this in the podcast interview.