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Especially against the backdrop of this extensive regulation, industrial security is an extremely important topic for a large number of "important entities" (i.e. companies from the 18 institutions defined as "important industries" in the new legislation).

Industrial security follows the equation: Industrial security = OT security + IT security + physical security + awareness + supply chain security.

And it is precisely these aspects that "important facilities" and, in an even stricter application, so-called "essential facilities" will have to fulfill in the future. A good and in-depth understanding of precisely the topics and security solutions that are the focus of the Industrial Security Circus is essential. OT security, awareness and IT security must never be viewed in isolation in order to ensure comprehensive protection of your own facility, but must always be considered and implemented as a holistic risk assessment and security process. And not just with regard to your own IT/OT, but along all relevant suppliers, customers, maintenance services, agencies, etc. (i.e. networked via IT systems) in the entire supply chain. Industrial security is a complex conglomerate of the most diverse fields of knowledge with different methodologies, requirements, risk assessments, tools and technical experts. The aim of the Industrial Security Circus 2024 is to cover precisely these information requirements and provide visitors to the Hannover Messe with a low-threshold, engaging and explanatory introduction to industrial security. The participating co-exhibitors and solution providers offer consulting services, specialized software solutions for attack detection, awareness concepts, detection technologies for IT/OT threats and many other useful building blocks for comprehensive OT and IT security management.