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A new highlight in 2017 will be the SurfaceTechnology Area to be staged every two years. Hall 6 will showcase surface treatment technology alongside lightweight construction solutions and new materials. A common thread throughout halls 4, 5 and 6 is the trend towards integrated solutions as opposed to standalone products.

"Diversity means that you have more scope for genuine comparisons," says Olaf Daebler, the director responsible for Industrial Supply . "This applies to HANNOVER MESSE as a whole and to Industrial Supply in particular. Sourcing specialists appreciate the side-by-side presentation of various supply solutions and smart materials." A defining feature of the Industrial Supply lineup is the vast spectrum of products and materials – rubber, plastics, engineering ceramics, composites, non-ferrous metals, aluminum and steel, hybrid materials and special-purpose materials. The exhibition halls and their special showcases are laid up to give visiting professionals maximum orientation.

The thematic highlights at Industrial Supply

Hall 4 focuses on forging and sheet metal forming, systems and sub-assemblies, as well as machined components. Under the umbrella of the "Forging" display the German Forging Industry Association and leading companies will showcase innovative metal materials and production processes. In addition, the Solid Lightweight Construction Initiative will present weight-saving concepts for the automotive industry. The major part of Hall 5 will be devoted to foundry products. At the "gegossene Technik" pavilion the foundry industry will demonstrate its innovative capabilities, e.g. in the field of lightweight design. Member companies of the German Foundry Industry Association (BDG) will have the opportunity to present their latest developments to users, designers and industrial buyers.

In Hall 5 the spotlight will be on latches & locking systems, operating elements and fastening technology. The hall is also the location of the Industrial Supply Forum, a new central event that was previously split between three separate venues. Taking place on all five days of HANNOVER MESSE, the lectures and panel discussions will cover the entire industrial supply spectrum. The following topics will be on the agenda: lightweight metals and structures; fiber-reinforced composites and polymers; surface treatment technology; multi-material design; and adhesive bonding and joining. The forum lineup will also include the BME Buyers’ Day, the Wind Power Suppliers’ Forum, industry-federation events devoted to castings and forgings, as well as the concluding session of "Youth and Technology".

Hall 6 will be devoted to process engineering, lightweight construction, micro/nanotechnology, rubber/metal/plastic/ceramic components, as well as surface treatment technology. The hall is also home to various thematic clusters. "Lightweight Construction", for example, will be a magnet for all those who are interested in weight-saving design. Institutions and private enterprises will come together to present new lightweight products and systems as well as innovative technologies. The Engineering Ceramics theme park will center on innovative solutions for the chemical, electrical and plant engineering industries. Under the headings "think ceramics" und "Treffpunkt Keramik – "Ceramic Applications" specialist enterprises will have an opportunity to present their know-how and expertise. A firmly established highlight in Hall 6 is "WeP – Value-adding Partners of ContiTech". Together with selected external suppliers ContiTech will present elastomer products and systems for automotive and industrial applications. ContiTechi’s suppliers will demonstrate their all-important contribution to the supply chain and illustrate the importance of networked alliances for the fulfillment of customer requirements.

New: SurfaceTechnology Area and Micro-Nano

The SurfaceTechnology Area will play an outstanding role in Hall 6 and within Industrial Supply as a whole. As from 2017 the former flagship fair SurfaceTechnology will be integrated into Industrial Supply. Every two years this event will cover the entire spectrum of surface treatment technology – i.e. pre-treatment, coating, post-treatment and final finishing. The SurfaceTechnology exhibitors will benefit from their close proximity to their target groups. Numerous enterprises represented at Industrial Supply use surface treatment techniques or are potential customers.

Located in the immediate vicinity of the SurfaceTechnology Area, Micro-Nano will provide a platform for presenting "key enabling technologies" developed by specialist micro/nanotechnology enterprises. The lineup includes micro-components and structures, sensor systems, smart laser machining systems, high-precision measuring apparatus, nanotechnology applications and energy harvesting systems. Micro-Nano will be realized in cooperation with the industry federation IVAM and the organization "Nano in Germany".