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For the ‘Digital Platforms’ potential analysis, 355 decision-makers and specialists from various sectors, including the energy and water supply sector and the automotive sector, were interviewed. 59% of those surveyed stated that they do not consider their business to be threatened by digital platforms. 73% even think it makes sense to participate in digital platforms or to set up their own platform to develop new business models – 60% want to open up new markets this way. The survey also found that the manufacturing industry is much less afraid of digital platforms than other industries: Three out of four banks and insurance companies consider their business threatened by the emergence of platforms. Industry, on the other hand, considers itself and its knowledge to be less easily replaceable and exchangeable.

According to the Federation of German Industries (BDI), platforms were already being used by 67% of German companies in industry and industry-related services at the end of 2018. Around 7% of the value added was “substantially” down to the use of platforms, and it is assumed that this figure will increase.