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All over the world, Pfeiffer Vacuum is practically synonymous with innovative and customized vacuum solutions, technological perfection, expert advice and reliable services. It has been setting new standards in vacuum technology ever since 1890. The company’s development has been shaped first and foremost by in-house inventions such as the turbopump, which it unveiled over 55 years ago. Driven by its determination to defend its position as a technological innovator and global market leader for the long term, Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH is dedicated, above all, to catering to the often very complex requirements of its customers - which it does in close collaboration with the customer and with an uncompromising commitment to quality.

The company returned to HANNOVER MESSE in 2019 to remind everyone why it’s known as a driving innovative force in the industry. One of the highlights at its stand was the unveiling of the next generation of Roots pump technology. Thanks to their custom speed control system, the new Roots pumps in the HiLobe series boast a nominal pumping speed range of 520 - 2,100 m3/h, meaning they can be adapted perfectly to specific customer needs. The HiLobe drive concept can achieve pump-down times up to 20 percent shorter than those reached with conventional Roots pumps - particularly during rapid evacuations. What's more, the HiLobe series is said to deliver very low operating costs coupled with maximum availability because it uses only motors that satisfy energy efficiency class IE4 and optimized rotor geometries. Not only that, but the system's ingenious air cooling concept eliminates the need for an expensive water cooling system, and its versatility regarding mounting positions helps reduce installation costs. Finally, thanks to the pumps' sealing concept, sealing gas no longer has to be used in most cases, lowering operating costs even further. Another advantage of the HiLobe series is its intelligent interface technology, which allows for optimum process customization and monitoring (condition monitoring), thus ensuring a long service life and maximum reliability. The series is expected to be available in small batch sizes starting August 2019.