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Specializing in scanning systems for industrial applications, SCANLAB is presenting its new excelliSCAN scan head model series, a rail-compatible solution suited to automated manufacturing environments thanks to the implementation of AI functions. The manufacturer combines a galvanometer scanner with digital angle sensors and equips the excelliSCAN series with an AI-based control called SCANahead, which allows the scan head to independently calculate control parameters in real time, helping the system work faster and more precisely on the whole than conventional solutions: the manufacturer promises very high contour accuracy when executing sharp corners and circles, even at high operating speeds.

The excelliSCAN system also uses on-line status monitoring and process data collection functions enabling post-analysis and embedding into comprehensive IIoT environments. The Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research (IGD) is likewise working on an autonomous scanning system as a data source for subsequent, additive manufacturing processes, which requires neither a separate teach-in process nor the import of 3D CAD model data regarding the approached component in order to work correctly.