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The production of green hydrogen with the help of renewable energies is one of a series of envisaged paths that many scientists, politicians and climate activists believe we need to take if we are to turn the tide on global warming. The Augsburg-based company H-TEC SYSTEMS, which specialises in water electrolysis, is therefore delighted to be able to make a contribution to this with the recent delivery of an ME450 PEM electrolyser to the Hydrogen Lab Bremerhaven (HLB). The PEM electrolyser with an output of one megawatt is part of the test field, which focuses on researching the interaction between wind turbines and electrolytic hydrogen production. The electricity required for electrolysis comes from a wind turbine installed on site.

The HLB, a research project of the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems IWES, offers a highly innovative test infrastructure that enables scientists to investigate the interaction between a wind turbine and an electrolyser under real conditions. PEM electrolysis is ideally suited for this purpose, as this technology is particularly good at handling fluctuating energy sources such as wind energy.

"The Hydrogen Lab Bremerhaven is an essential building block for the research and further development of large electrolysers and fuel cells. As the general contractor and planner, we are delighted that the collaboration between Wenger Engineering and H-TEC SYSTEMS went so smoothly and are looking forward to the research results in this globally unique test environment," says Dr David Wenger, Managing Director of Wenger Engineering GmbH, which is overseeing the project as general contractor.

And Robin v. Plettenberg, CEO at H-TEC SYSTEMS, adds: "The hydrogen infrastructure project at the Hydrogen Lab Bremerhaven will make a significant contribution to the development and integration of hydrogen technology and further advance the vision of a low-carbon future. The successful commissioning of our electrolyser marks a decisive step towards a sustainable hydrogen economy. We are delighted to be a part of this exciting project."