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Headquartered in the German town of Grünberg and represented in more than 70 countries across the globe, Bender leads the field in electrical safety monitoring systems. Everything began back in 1937, when engineering graduate Walther Hans Bender invented the ISOMETER and took out a patent. More than 80 years later, the company now produces highly acclaimed, top-quality solutions that are used in all manner of sectors to measure and monitor ungrounded and grounded networks. In addition to its vast standard portfolio, Bender also offers industry-specific specialist applications for hospitals, the mining, automation and chemical industries, mechanical engineering companies, ships, railway technology, e-mobility and wind and solar technology - the list goes on. All of this is complemented by power-quality devices and display, alarm indicator and operator units aimed at offering a clear overview of complex systems.

The latter category includes the recently launched COMTRAXX CP9xx control panel, which is designed for both users in cutting-edge medical environments and staff in charge of monitoring industrial or other purpose-built plants. Particularly during surgical interventions, being able to identify critical operating states fast is extremely important and could even save someone's life. The alarm indicator and operator panels in the new COMTRAXX CP9xx series have therefore been created to offer the best possible overview of all connected systems, ensure all surgical technology can be controlled with ease, and instantly flag up any faults. Despite these impressive features, the manufacturer promises its COMTRAXX CP9xx devices are intuitive and user-friendly, and visualize information with outstanding clarity. In this way, the devices are said to support safe, secure handling of systems and components - especially if things ever start to get hectic.

Bender GmbH & Co. KG (35305 Grünberg, Germany)
Website: www.benderinc.com