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Learn why hydrogen as an energy carrier is is of crucial importance for the future of the global economy. And how hydrogen can be used as an efficient energy storage medium to store excess to store surplus energy from renewable sources and thus pave a clean and sustainable paving a clean and sustainable way into the future - without harmful greenhouse gases or environmentally harmful emissions. Enjoy reading!

What do you associate with the motto of the networking and pitch event 3minutes2talk "Building a global hydrogen economy"? And what contribution do you / your company make to building a global hydrogen economy?

Building a global hydrogen economy is a complex challenge that requires collaboration between companies, governments and society at large. The transition to hydrogen as the main energy source requires significant investment, research and technological innovation, as well as policy making that supports the change. As HYDAC, we have been involved in the development of components and subsystems for the hydrogen economy for more than 10 years, actively participating in this transition.

Why is hydrogen as an energy carrier so crucial for the future of the global economy?

Hydrogen can be used as an energy storage medium to store excess energy from renewable sources and use it when needed. It burns cleanly and produces only water when it reacts with oxygen, which means it produces no harmful greenhouse gases or harmful emissions.

What specific opportunities and challenges do you see in implementing a global hydrogen economy?

While hydrogen undoubtedly has great potential, there are also challenges such as the cost of hydrogen production, storage and transportation, efficiency issues with electrolysis, and more. Therefore, the development and implementation of hydrogen technologies will require continued research, investment, and policy support to reach their full potential and make a sustainable contribution to the global economy. This takes time.

What innovative technologies and developments in the field of hydrogen will you be presenting at 3minutes2talk in Berlin and how can they contribute to the development of a global hydrogen economy?

We are working intensively on new technologies in the fields of electrolysis, hydrogen distribution and fuel cells. In all these fields, we try to incorporate our experience from 60 years of fluid engineering. In order for our products to survive in the market environment, innovation is essential. By being able to provide these products at a high industrial standard, we are helping to develop the H2 economy.

What message would you like to convey to participants of the networking and pitch event 3minutes2talk who are interested in the future of the global hydrogen economy and are planning to visit HANNOVER MESSE and Hydrogen + Fuel Cells EUROPE 2024?

Hydrogen is undoubtedly an extremely exciting topic that has become increasingly important in recent years. This offers enormous potential as a clean and sustainable energy carrier. Its many potential applications range from power generation to mobility and industry. HANNOVER MESSE and Hydrogen + Fuel Cells EUROPE 2024 will provide a great opportunity to exchange views on the latest developments, challenges and opportunities in this field. I am sure that the two events will be inspiring and insightful for all visitors. In any case, we at Hydac would be delighted to exchange ideas with you there on this promising topic.