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1. What is the name of your product?
CO2 & TCO Guide

2. What is new/innovative about it?
The CO2 & TCO Guide is an online tool for comparing the CO2 values and total costs of pneumatic and electric drives based on a few application parameters. For the first time, this provides machine and plant manufacturers with a decision-making aid to select the most sustainable drive technology. To do this, one simply enters the parameters of an application. The software then creates and visualises energy-efficient and sustainable proposals for the motion task from Festo's portfolio of the most common drive components in no time at all. It clearly compares pneumatic and electric applications. The online tool shows the energy consumption and CO₂ emissions per year as well as the acquisition costs and total cost of ownership per solution. Based on this information, machine and plant builders can decide for themselves which parameters are most important to them and which drive technology to select.

3. What is the product’s main benefit for the customer?
With Festo's online tool for technology comparison between electric and pneumatic automation technology, users can find the most sustainable drive technology and thus reduce the CO2 emissions of their machines and systems.

4. How can your product contribute to industrial transformation?
Engineering tools such as the CO2 & TCO Guide help to design machines and plants in an energy-saving way right from the start. This ensures that they consume less energy in the operating phase and that the CO2 footprint is reduced.

5. Are there any other important points about your product?
With the CO2 & TCO Guide, Festo provides its customers with a free online tool that transparently shows the parameters of electric and pneumatic drives. Sustainability is increasingly becoming the focus of our customers across all industries. That's why we wanted to provide our customers with information on CO2 emissions as early as the product selection stage.