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Karlsruhe-based AXOOM GmbH is in Hannover to exhibit AXOOM IoT - an Industry 4.0 solution for machinery manufacturers that is designed to shape the future of digitalization. The challenge taken up by the new AXOOM digital business platform is that the flow of information to the manufacturer is usually broken once a machine has been delivered. This results in queries on the current status often remaining unanswered. What’s more, proper maintenance or an update to the latest software version are often neglected, with the result that the machine delivers less than optimum production, efficient support from the manufacturer is not available, and ultimately the machine's performance is impaired. An intelligently networked solution such as AXOOM IoT for managing and analyzing equipment in the field and further developing products can help machinery manufacturers to tackle these challenges.

The open, modular AXOOM IoT platform on show in Hannover is designed to enable easy connection of machines, components and sensors and end-to-end data transfer between systems and interfaces. And as the technical infrastructure used sports the "Hosted in Germany" label, all data streams are also given optimum protection at all times. Among other things, the intuitive platform supports remote prediction and elimination of problems and outages - in other words, before downtimes occur. It also enables updates to be installed without delay, while configurations can also be performed remotely. Made-to-measure customer service is thus no longer time-consuming and costly, and field data gathered in real time can also help continually improve products.