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Komax is a globally active technology group headquartered in Dierikon, Switzerland. The company, which specialises in automation solutions for selected processes, supports economical and safe production processes in industry with its innovative and high-quality solutions for wire processing. In order to efficiently automate manual processes - which cost time and usually also require trained specialist personnel who are becoming increasingly difficult to acquire - Komax is increasingly relying on solutions such as the current Zeta 620 wire processing machine.

Time savings of up to 50 percent

The Zeta 620 from Komax reduces manual labour to the absolute minimum, i.e. it automatically assembles all the required wires and provides them fully equipped in the correct sequence and length - including labelling and contacts. All that remains to be done at the control cabinet is to lay the cables. Manual and time-consuming processes such as cutting to length, stripping, labelling and inserting sleeves are no longer necessary.

The short path from ECAD to the machine

Production data provided by specific ECAD systems can be sent directly to the machine via the Komax WPCS interface. Data export from ECAD systems to a cutting list is also possible. In this case, the list is converted into a readable file and then read in. This eliminates the need for manual programming of articles on the machine, which means that any size range can be produced efficiently - even a batch size of 1.

Adaptable, because modular

In addition, the Zeta 620 also proves to be very flexible. With modules, processes can be adapted to the individual needs of companies. In this way, up to 24 cable types and up to seven different wire-end ferrules can be processed without retooling.

Consistently high quality thanks to automation

Fully automated production guarantees reproducible, continuous quality. In particular, the automated data transfer eliminates sources of error, since no more manual entries have to be made at the machine.