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Boldly described by Contech as a revolutionary software solution for robust products and intelligent processes, Analyser is designed to provide a pioneering, end-to-end Industry 4.0 solution for digitized, preventive and reactive error analysis and resolution. The aim of this fully automated AI software is not just to analyze the cause of errors, but to offer a wide range of methodological functions for modeling, automated process parameterization and controlling as well. Analyser provides solutions and measures in the form of recommendations, and does so - as the Contech developers so proudly point out - in real time. This way, function models can be used to turn unknown effect mechanisms in products and processes into known parameters.

Contech Software & Engineering GmbH is in Hannover to reach out to development and manufacturing companies and establish its Analyser as a cross-sector solution. Indeed, there is no shortage of arguments in favor of this software. It is suitable for all companies - from SMEs to large corporations - and opens up an incredibly wide range of potential applications. Not only can it be used for typical direct error reduction in development, production and assembly processes; it can also identify correlations and thus optimize products and processes. What's more, Analyser is said to provide effective product protection and quality assurance, while also supporting process parameterization.

The company claims that automating troubleshooting analysis and problem-solving alone will deliver savings on resources and costs amounting to over 50 percent - all in less than six months. "We've managed to reduce the current standard project lead times for process optimization from three months to just ten hours," declares Frank Thurner, CEO and owner of Contech Software & Engineering GmbH. "As a result, it takes no more than twelve months to recoup the investment in Analyser. That even applies to well-established series production!"