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Universal Robots (UR), a Teradyne Inc. subsidiary based in Odense, Denmark, is committed to developing and producing compact, flexible and cost-effective industrial robots that help improve worker safety using innovative technology designed for plants of all sizes. Since the first market-ready UR robot was launched in 2008, the company has made significant strides in selling its user-friendly robot arms around the world. To ensure it continues on this upward trajectory, UR has recently expanded its E series with the new UR16e cobot, which boasts a load-carrying capacity of 16 kilograms and is now available worldwide.

"With the current economic climate being so uncertain, manufacturing companies need solutions that will help them remain competitive for years to come," explains Jürgen von Hollen, President of Universal Robots, when asked about the motivation behind this new development. "Thanks to our new UR16e robot, we can now meet the current demand for a collaborative robot that performs tasks with heavy loads both reliably and efficiently. Scenarios such as this have long been overlooked by the collaborative robotics market - which is what prompted us to significantly expand our cobots' range of applications in one fell swoop. This presents manufacturing companies with a further means of countering shortages in skilled workers and other factors impeding their growth."

The new UR16e combines a high load-carrying capacity with an impressive 900-millimeter reach and a repeat accuracy of 0.05 millimeters. All these characteristics go toward making the cobot second to none in performing automated tasks involving heavy loads without protective barriers, such as handling and machine tending.

Universal Robots (Germany) GmbH (81379 Munich, Germany)