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The EVA Shuttle project’s mini-buses (the local public transportation system’s electric, connected and autonomous electric mini-buses) in Karlsruhe’s Weiherfeld-Dammerstock district will be tested under real conditions starting February 2020 - always with a safety driver and probably without passengers until the second half of 2020. The project partner ioki had previously analyzed the Karlsruhe city district in order to select the right route. The three basic vehicles from easyMile will be equipped with additional sensors and algorithms in this new test phase.

The non-profit FZI Research Center for Computer Science heading the project will provide, among other things, the algorithms making it possible to predict the behavior of other road users and the required reaction of the buses. The project consortium from the autonomous driving test field in Baden-Württemberg has already started to prepare the district for connected autonomous vehicles, including the creation of highly detailed maps and expansion of the transport infrastructure. The shuttles are expected to communicate with traffic lights in real time, allowing them to detect traffic light phases even without optical sensors.