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In 2004, Kristian Kassow was co-founder of today’s leading provider on the global market, Universal Robots . At the beginning of June, the Copenhagen-based startup Kassow Robots has now unveiled its first cobots specifically for SMEs. The lightweight models master seven axes and can be used in the most confined spaces. Depending on the model, they can lift weights of 5 or 10 kg and reach joint speeds of up to 225 degrees per second. They are suitable, among other things, for pick-and-place, gluing, palletizing and labeling tasks, as well as general assembly operations. Kassow Robots already has its first customer, even before its official market entry, the Project Group .

Last but not least, the manufacturers have focused on a solution that is absolutely easy to use (motto: “strong, fast, simple”). This is based on the realization that many medium-sized companies in particular shy away from complex robots. Kassow Robots therefore relies on flexible and cost-efficient Cobots, which can be independently set up by companies.