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The Lüneburg-based laser technology company, LAP, presented its DTEC-PRO infrared camera system as the basis of a smart manufacturing cell for applications in Industry 4.0. The manufacturer will show the latest solution in an exemplary smart factory production environment at the JEC World 2018 in Paris. In addition, a CAD Pro laser projector is used for the fast positioning of objects (instead of templates) as well as the PRO-SOFT software for the organization and optimization of work processes and throughput times.

The IR camera can automatically detect target positions and initiate laser projection via control software, working with several projectors. When a tool is reinserted into the workspace, the projection will start automatically. The laser projector no longer needs any manual help, manual calibration is virtually eliminated, and the layup is much faster. The solution can deliver, above all, in terms of the manufacture of small and medium-sized parts made of composite materials. Because the entire system is modularly designed, flexible, and scalable. It is suitable for appropriately flexible Industry 4.0 environments. In this way, “existing laser projection systems can be converted into standardized production cells with laser projectors and integrated cameras within a few days,” says LAP Product Manager, Matthias Lange.