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In purely statistical terms, people spend around 86,400 hours at their workplace. Fortunately, that's only about 12 percent of average life expectancy - but more than enough time to think about working conditions that give people pleasure, promote their creativity and working power, and protect their health and mobility. This is exactly what the medium-sized family business erfi from Freudenstadt does. For more than 50 years, erfi has been planning, developing and manufacturing ergonomic workplace systems, measuring and testing devices, test equipment for electrical safety and function as well as teaching systems. It was in this spirit that the new "elneos six" equipment system was created, which erfi will be presenting for the first time at HANNOVER MESSE 2022.

According to erfi, the new "elneos six" defines the benchmark for the entire industry with its outstanding innovations. As the successor model to the successful "elneos five" device series, all assemblies in "elneos six" have been newly developed and significantly improved in many details. In addition, the system has been significantly expanded once again with new device groups such as DC high-current power supply units and AC sources. Thus, for the first time, it is now possible to use the new device series in current areas such as battery research and electromobility. However, the real highlight of the "elneos six" is its tactile operating concept, which allows the device to be controlled without contact via speech and 3D gestures. It has been designed for 19-inch desktop setups and 19-inch cockpits as well as for a standalone housing. In addition, the "elneos six compact", which is also available, can be integrated into the "Expand 2" extension profile of the "elneos connect" furniture system to save space.