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At HANNOVER MESSE Digital Edition 2021, network partner TGM Lightweight Solutions, together with the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland, the Koller Group and Liteblox, presented an innovative modular battery concept for the starter battery that significantly reduces weight, emissions and production costs. The process can also be transferred to other components and can also be used for traction batteries, for example.

The holistic, systemic approach is particularly interesting. Thus, lightweighting costs are already taken into account in the design phase. In addition, the focus is on optimizing the battery itself as well as the battery housing. You can read more about how exactly this works here .

As a result, the new battery concept enables a weight reduction of more than 75 percent (from 41 kg to just 7.5 kg) while simultaneously reducing the construction volume by 10 liters. In addition, the life expectancy of the battery can be tripled.

This example is just one of many that show how lightweight construction can help promote electromobility and thus reduce CO2 emissions. This is a technology of the future with great potential for numerous other user industries.