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As part of the SMC Corporation, which operates in 83 countries and runs more than 31 production facilities, SMC Deutschland GmbH offers a comprehensive portfolio of products ranging from valves to thermo-chillers in more than 12,000 basic models and over 700,000 variants to suit a whole host of different industries. This makes it Germany's leading partner and solution provider for pneumatic and electric automation technology. To defend this sought-after position, the company is committed to constantly optimizing and developing its portfolio. For example, SMC has recently overhauled its pulse valves and brought them to market in their latest incarnation - the JSXFA series.

The pulse valves in the JSXFA series really come into their own whenever the production process requires maximum power from a single blast of air. Capable of achieving 15 percent higher peak pressure, while also reducing compressed air consumption by a third, these new valves are at the top of their class in terms of pure performance data. Not only that, but their response time is now almost twice as fast as that of previous models, and their service life has been increased to an impressive 10 million cycles. "By achieving high peak pressure while also maintaining very low air consumption, the new pulse valves are suitable for any application that requires a powerful blast of air," explains Olaf Hagelstein, product manager at SMC Deutschland. In his view, one of the key applications for these valves will be cleaning filter elements. When it comes to effectively cleaning and removing extremely fine particles, he believes a powerful pressure pulse makes all the difference. "But, of course, the pulse valves are also ideal for removing any unwanted goods from the production line with a blast of air," he adds. "Ultimately, increasing performance while also reducing energy consumption is an appealing proposition for any industry. It's something all blow-off and cleaning applications can benefit from."