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Linde Group has announced the collaboration with Plug & Play innovation platform STARTUP AUTOBAHN with locations in Stuttgart and Singapore. In addition, Linde will also partner with Plug and Play’s Energy Cluster in Sunnyvale, USA. The Munich outfit hopes to gain worldwide e xchange with young, innovative start-up companies from this in order to promote the development of new, digitized services and products in the field of industrial applications.

Linde’s modernization strategy is based not only on the central control of all in-house digitization activities by the Digital Base Camp in Pullach near Munich, but above all on such partnerships. Plug and Play mediates and moderates between young innovators and established companies whose collaboration enables the rapid development of tailor-made digitization solutions for their own customers. Most recently, Linde has developed a collaborative, AI-based solution to minimize gas transport risks by combining an intelligent algorithm with proprietary and external data to automatically identify the safest transportation routes.