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Turck, based in Mülheim an der Ruhr, is a global specialist for factory, process and logistics automation in numerous industries. With its digitally networkable solutions for efficient automation systems, the company is one of the pioneers in the future topics of Industry 4.0 and IioT. With the Turck Automation Suite, TAS for short, the Mülheim-based company is now following up. According to Turck, the IIoT platform gets everything out of the company's own devices, while users also benefit from an integrated overall solution for updates, device management and smart sensor technology. In addition, TAS is future-proof; later versions will enable extensive IIoT functionalities for services such as condition monitoring or edge control on PCs or local servers.

IIoT platform with improved security

TAS is already improving the tamper protection of existing programs. All device actions must be enabled with the device password. However, the password remains stored for the duration of the browser session and can be applied to all devices with the same password if required, which should guarantee a high level of user-friendliness.

Simple handling

Users can download the IIoT and service solution TAS free of charge and use it directly in the web browser of any Windows PC without installation. The software can be easily updated from within the program and used in German or English.

The best is yet to come

According to Turck, the current TAS version V1 is just a foretaste of the functional scope of the fully developed IIoT solution. The software platform will provide numerous digital services and will be supplemented with more and more functions from update to update. TAS will have a connector function to the Turck cloud, which will enable it to be used as a virtual edge controller on a PC or local servers. This will considerably facilitate the intelligent evaluation of production data for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, even across plant boundaries.

TAS as a link between the OT and IT worlds

In order to meet the requirements of an IIoT platform, TAS will also support data transfer via MQTT and OPC UA to higher-level systems, automatic configuration routines for service cases and much more. TAS will significantly increase the connectivity of production systems and thus unite OT data with IT data without barriers.