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This is the finding of an analysis of logistics startups conducted by consulting firm Oliver Wyman. The disparity is evident from just a look at the current figures: Of the US$ 12 billion in venture capital that flowed into the logistics sector in 2018 worldwide, three countries in the Far East accounted for more than half of this. According to the analysis, these companies expanded and were also often technologically superior because they were established as digital companies. To defend themselves, the consultants recommend logistics specialists consider partnering up with external technology providers. The payment or tracking solutions of the latter, for example, could be integrated via interfaces, leaving the company in question free to focus on its core processes.

Some industry players, however, doubt the ability of the sector in Germany to embrace digital change. That’s the upshot of a study by brand agency Get the Point, which surveyed 400 large-scale logistics companies and 120 companies from trade and industry. Just 38% of the companies surveyed were confident that logistics providers have what it takes to successfully transform.