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For the evaluation the job platform analyzed around 15 million job offers in the last two years. In the past twelve months alone, startup sales grew by 63% over the same time period the year before. For conventional logistics companies, the rate was only 18%. In absolute terms, however, the established companies are still setting the pace. While 24,031 new jobs were created in the top 100 logistics companies in Germany, just 1,201 were created in the new companies.

Both, however, are struggling with the same problem: a high demand for skilled workers, and a limited supply. Across multiple industries it now takes 34 days to fill a vacancy advertised online. It takes nine days longer for logistics startups and as many as twelve additional days for the established companies. In the area of transport and logistics, 51% accounted for around half of all new jobs, followed by City-Logistik, and Last Mile (24%), as well as Intralogistik and Warehousing (23%). Liefery recorded the largest job growth among the industry’s startups, followed by ProGlove and Seven Senders .

According to a market analysis by Oliver Wyman , about 3.5 billion US dollars were invested in logistics startups worldwide just in 2017. The number of start-ups in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, which are pertinent to the sector, rose from 40 to over 60 last year. The consultants recommend that large companies enter into partnerships with startups in order to launch new business models on the market faster.