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One of the traditions of HANNOVER MESSE, now more than ever the most important international platform for all technologies related to industrial transformation, is the designation of a partner country. When the trade fair opens its doors in April 2024, this country will be Norway. ENERGYNEST from Billingstad will be one of the exhibitors in Hanover at that time. Founded in 2011, the company sees itself as a pioneer in the field of thermal energy storage. For example, the company's ThermalBatteryTM, which is available immediately, provides safe, green energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels in energy systems and carbon-rich industrial processes. Thanks to their easy scalability, ENERGYNEST's thermal storage systems enable the growth of renewable energy without grid constraints and help industries reuse heat and steam for later use. The technology is flexible and can help decarbonise dispersed industrial sites, among other things.

Don't ask for sunshine

Since September 2023, a project in Turnhout, Belgium, has provided an example of the efficiency of ENERGYNEST solutions. Europe's largest platform for concentrated solar thermal (CST) with a thermal storage unit has now been put into operation there for Avery Dennison, a leading global manufacturer of packaging and materials. The entire project is a joint venture between Azteq - an organisation that builds, develops and maintains CST systems - the local energy cooperative Campina Energie, which provided part of the project financing, and ENERGYNEST, the supplier of the six thermal energy storage units (TES) with a total capacity of five megawatt hours.

This warms the heart of every climate protector

The project's carbon-free solar energy is used to provide heat for the operation of drying ovens used during a coating process of locally manufactured pressure-sensitive adhesive products for various industries. The heat provided by the plant for this process will be equivalent to around 2.3 gigawatt hours of gas consumption, reducing the plant's greenhouse gas emissions by an average of nine per cent per year compared to current levels. In the summer months and when the sun is shining brightly, the plant should even be able to cover up to 100 per cent of the factory's heating requirements.

Many hands, good end

Tinne Van der Straeten, Belgian Energy Minister, comments on the project as follows: "The greatest energy potential lies in our own hands. Here in Turnhout, Avery Dennison, Azteq, ENERGYNEST and Campina Energie are proving just that by commissioning the largest CST platform and thermal storage unit in Europe. The clean energy transition is the only way to a sustainable future. Investing in innovative renewable energy sources, such as this project in Turnhout, will reduce our carbon footprint and have a positive impact on climate change. I am proud of the active participation and enthusiastic support of the residents of Turnhout that Campina Energie has brought together. Only by working together can we tackle the climate crisis.

The solutions are there

And Christian Thiel, CEO ENERGYNEST, adds: "Avery Dennison is a trailblazer for a more sustainable and modern industrial sector in Europe. Companies across all industries are considering how best to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and decarbonise emissions-intensive activities such as heat generation, while continuing to provide affordable, reliable goods and services to consumers. We will contribute to solving these problems by reducing energy costs, supporting the development of reliable renewables such as CST and decarbonising heat production."