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Mann + Hummel is a manufacturer of liquid and air filter systems, intake systems and cabin air filters. Other products include plastic cylinder head covers and filter elements for the automotive industry. For mechanical engineering, process engineering and industrial production, the product portfolio includes industrial filters, membrane filters and systems for water filtration. Almost 90 percent of the company's annual turnover of around 4 billion euros is generated by its activities as an automotive supplier. The company and its subsidiaries have more than 80 locations worldwide.

Jens Wonneberger is the CISO of Mann+Hummel and is an enthusiastic Copilot and GenAI user and has worked with his team to develop rules for the safe use of the new technology.

One challenge for the team was ChatGPT. Many Mann+Hummel employees use the web version of ChatGPT, and there was concern that information not intended for the model, and not to be shared, could be loaded there. Many may remember the Asian company whose employees fed sensitive information into the model. The solution: an upstream proxy. The idea came from Stefan Baldus, CISO at Hugo Boss. In the CISO world, people share ideas and learn from each other. Whenever an employee visits the ChatGPT website, he or she is regularly informed about what is allowed and what is not. Mann+Hummel also invites employees to a team chat to learn more about AI and the company. The company is breaking down barriers and promoting enthusiasm for new technologies.

In the podcast, Wonneberger also explains how the company introduced Copilot, which manages data hierarchies. Jens Wonneberger emphasises the importance of working together on this topic. Those responsible at Mann+Hummel include the works council, lawyers, management, HR and many more.

There is an exciting announcement in the news section. Bosch Rexroth and Landing AI are working together. The company from the USA became an official member of Bosch Rexroth's crtlX platform a few days ago. The first vision POCs are currently being created with Bosch Rexroth and the Americans. Read more in the Industrial AI Podcast.