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Pulse ranging technology (PRT) is currently the most precise industrial technique for measuring distances. It determines distances of a few centimeters to several hundred meters with absolute precision, enabling extremely exact measurements with high repetitive accuracy and short response times no matter the object or environmental conditions. Mannheim-based Pepperl+Fuchs is presenting its R2100 two-dimensional multi-ray LED scanner, incorporating a variety of innovative technologies, at HANNOVER MESSE 2014.

The R2100 can measure even irregular surfaces with its multiple LED sources, arranged side by side and covering an 88-degree scan field. Moving parts such as motors and bearings typically found in 2D laser scanners are absent from the R2100, ensuring low maintenance effort and high durability even in difficult operating environments. These features, along with modest energy consumption, make the R2100 suitable for use not only in traditional areas such as materials handling and logistics, but potentially also for new tasks in automation engineering.

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